Cinderella Dust-maid!

From the original Dunn-Ley production, Cinderella

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Chris & Christina Guild and Andrew J. Parks John W. Kennedy

Cinderella dust-maid! Cinderella dust-maid!
Lives upon an ashheap, happy as a chimney-sweep!
Dust upon her forehead! Ashes for a girl’s bed!

Hair looks like a rat’s nest; dress, it hangs in tatters.
Smells just like the pigsty, not that it really matters.
Reading books just makes me bored.
“I’m very sweet”—oh what a roar!
Father drinks to forget.
Mother died the day they met.
Cinderella dust-maid, why can’t we be you?
Cinderella dust-maid, why can’t we be you——

Home>Cinderella>Cinderella Dust-maid!

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