They Taunt Me and Tease Me

From the original Dunn-Ley production, Cinderella

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Eleanor Kennedy John W. Kennedy

They taunt me and tease me and pull at my hair.
   They work me from morning’s first light.
I only have ragged old dresses to wear
   And ashes to sleep on at night.

Sometimes I pretend that it's not really real,
   That Mother will come back some day.
But then I remember the sadness I feel,
   And my dreams slowly wither away.

My stepmother's manners are quite a disgrace,
   A terrible woman is she.
O Mother, that creature cannot take your place;
   She won't be a mother to me.

But here in your grove I feel closest to you.
   Oh, here is your spirit indeed.
O Mother, I wish you were here with me, too,
   With me here, in my hour of need.

Home>Cinderella>They Taunt Me and Tease Me

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