In Old Vienna, There Is a Café

From the original Dunn-Ley production, Cinderella

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Eleanor Kennedy John W. Kennedy

In old Vienna, there is a café where I would sometimes go.
   People would smile there,
   And sit for a while there,
And life was agreebly slow.
   Coffee sat steaming,
   While we sat daydreaming
Of setting the world ablaze.
   You can’t understand
   How I miss those grand
Old days.

While others scurried,
We never worried.
We sailed unhurried
   On quiet seas.
      The world stretched out a wonderland before us.
   All full of endless possibilities.
From where we stood, we
Ruled all we could see.
We knew we would be
   The kings of men.
We could spend hours in thought,
Oh my, but when we fought,
   Each of us could fight with the strength of ten.
We’d laugh while night wove its magic spell,
Till light had returned. I tell
   You life was so much simpler then.

When you're a young man, your only mission is just to be the best.
   Laughing or learning,
   Ambition is burning
To stand out from all of the rest.
   Books are inspiring,
   Your study untiring,
Your mind ever sharp and keen.
   But studies are gone
   When girls come upon
The scene.

How your heart races
At pretty faces,
Their lovely graces,
   Their fragrant air.
      But then you see one special girl before you.
   You try to speak, but you can only stare.
She cuts you flat; you
Become a statue.
She glances at you.
   You live again.
And, oh, the height of bliss
Would be to steal a kiss.
   You plan exactly how and where and when.
You gently kiss and caress her cheek.
Her smile makes your knees go weak.
   Oh, life was so much simpler then.

Home>Cinderella>In Old Vienna, There Is a Café

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