Let Joy Be All My Song

From the original Dunn-Ley production, Cinderella

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Eleanor Kennedy John W. Kennedy

Let joy be all my song,
For nothing can be wrong,
Although the night was long,
   The day is here.
These slippers made of gold
Shall make me feel so bold
   That I will see the prince, and have no fear.
O Mother, with your gifts to me,
I know I will at last be free.

My heart flies
Up into the skies,
   When I think of my love, and how I long to be beside him.
      When we meet,
      How my heart will beat.
         He’ll be all my joy,
         My golden boy,
When I look into his eyes.

But a thought
Starts to grow in my heart.
   Was he caught with the magic that I borrow?
      Is my dress
   Woven with Mother’s sorrow
      All by itself the cause of my happiness?

No, I know
That it is not so.
   For the prince has my heart and I am sure he loves me only.
Love so true
Will remain ever new.
My dearest prince, I will always love you.

Home>Cinderella>Let Joy Be All My Song

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