Was hael!

From Sir Arthur Sullivan’s Ivanhoe

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Act I, scene 1. The men of Castle Rotherwood answer Cedric’s call to supper. Blue words appear only in the printed libretto and red words appear only in the printed score, both Chappell & Co., 1891.

Drink Was hael! Was Drink hael!
Supper and song – so runs the stave;
Supper and song for knight and knave;
  Drink deep, drink deep!
Eat, drink and sleep
  Till daylight peep!
Skoal Drink to the house of Cedric!
Drink hael! The house of Cedric!
  Skoal! Was hael!

Hoch the house of Cedric,
Drink hael! Was hael! Hoch! Was hael!
Hoch! Hoch! Was hael! Drink hael!

Home>Ivanhoe>Was hael!

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