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The Loglan Institute has some software for teaching and using Loglan, for Mac OS and MS-DOS. The Mac OS software is OK, but needs updating for Mac OS X, and the MS-DOS software is out of date. And, of course, there are problems for users of Unix, Linux, and other systems. I hope to improve the situation by providing software in Java.

Loglan Online Dictionary

Here is a Beta version of the Loglan Online Dictionary. It is lacking the new-word-submission feature and the complex-building feature, and the print feature is disabled, but it works well otherwise. I’ll fix the print feature once I have mastered that part of Java, and I’ll add the missing features as I am able to adapt them from the C source code of the existing programs.

To use this program, you must first have Java 5.0 or better installed. If you have MacOS 10.4, and have kept it up to date, you should automatically have Java 5.0, and some other systems may have it as well, or you may already have installed it for some other reason. Otherwise, go to Sun’s Java web site. There you can download the Java Run-time Environment (JRE) or the Java Developer’s Kit (JDK), if you are interested in developing your own Java programs, for Windows, Solaris, and Linux and pointers to where you can download Java for other systems. After installing Java, you may have to make changes in your path or environment; see the install documentation for your version of Java.

Then download the Java LOD into any convenient directory. The JavaLOD.jar file contains all of the code, and the actual dictionary, and can be run under any operating system by opening a command window, switching to the directory where you put the file, and typing:

java -jar JavaLOD.jar

On some systems, you can also start Java LOD by double-clicking on the JavaLOD.jar file.

Alternatively, if you use Windows 2000 or XP, you can download the Java LOD Windows Installation File, and run it by double-clicking. This will install the Java LOD as a regular application program on your Windows system, with a Start Menu entry and so forth. (After you have run it, you can discard the Java LOD Installation File.)

Or, if you use Mac OS X, you can download the Java LOD Application Bundle. The only difference between this and the JavaLOD.jar file is that the Application Bundle will sit in your Applications folder (or your Dock) with an LOD logo and the name "Loglan On-line Dictionary", instead of a generic Java logo and the name "JavaLOD.jar".

You can

If you have the util.jar or the log.jar file from prior versions, you can discard it.

Please report any problems or suggestions to John W. Kennedy.

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