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If you are not acquainted with the anti-Stratfordians, your state is the more gracious, for it is a vice to know them. They are the lunatics who maintain that all the people who said, four hundred years ago, that Shakespeare wrote his own plays, were lying, as part of a massive cover-up of... well, they aren’t very clear about what it was a massive cover-up of, but it must have been a really big cover-up, because that’s the only explanation they can think of for why there is no evidence of it. You can find plenty of information, and the reasons that we know why Shakespeare was Shakespeare, at David Kathman and Terry Ross’s Shakespeare Authorship page.

In the meantime, here is some of the collected wisdom of anti-Stratfordianism, from several years of their postings on news:humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare, their personal websites, and in one very regrettable case, a Ph.D. thesis that ought never to have been accepted.

The following items were passed along to me by David L. Webb of Dartmouth.

Home>Things I have learned from anti-Stratfordians

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